Monday, April 21, 2008

dragging an ox through water ep

Dragging an Ox through Wate is a project of a fellow from PDX named Brian Mumford. This is experimental folk at its finest

Here are some reviews...

"Dragging an Ox Through Water finds enough twists, turns, and aural experiments to damn well bring one of the best shows in town."
-portland mercury
"Favorite band: Dragging An Ox Through Water"
- New York Times "The Moment" M. Blash feature
"profoundly moving, circuit-bending noise-folk"
- Portland Mercury (top 5 local shows of 2007)


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Festivals of the Himalayas

Music recorded by David Lewitson (from nonesuch records) during different festivals. 
I know very little about this record, except for it's original sounds. 
Check it out. 

Monday, April 14, 2008

related to terry richardson ?




Thursday, April 10, 2008


Ariel Pink's sister? Maybe.. his Lover? I don't know.
I am pretty sure it is neither of these
Geneva Jacuzzi and Ariel Pink could be related,
their music seems to come from the same warped universe.
Warped minds are brilliant to listen to on record
This album has brutal honesty seeping through its cd-r case
hand crafted and very worth the $18 dollar price.
I saw her play with Ariel about a month ago
check back a few posts for pictures.....)
Gothic techno, with the catchiness of Madonna.

please support geneva jacuzzi


Monday, April 7, 2008

halleluwah festival

Apparently these were all unreleased when this lp was pressed in.. 2006?
Except for Vashti Bunyan, as it is CLEARLY stated. A decent mix that is definitely worthwhile.
I scanned my front cover of the vinyl "Soft Side" so you could get a better view of it.

Soft Side:
01 White Rainbow - "Wind Storm"
02 Michael Hurley - "Short Green Man"
03 Vashti Bunyan - "Hidden" (not exclusive)
04 Katharina Tunicata - "Black Letter"
05 Tara Jane O'Neil - "The Partridge Song (Live at the Kitchen)"
06 Holysons - "Torture Chamber"
07 Alela Diane - "Tatted Lace"

Loud Side:
01 Yacht - "So Post All 'Em"
02 Deerhoof - "Forbidden Fruits (Live)"
03 Valet - "Tame All the Lions"
04 Romancing - "Mind Jail"
05 Nudity - "This Man"
06 Sir Richard Bishop - "Dhumavati"


on lack of posts

my digital camera broke.

i was using my polaroid before it broke. 
here are the results 

a special treat

(((((I will hopefully be posting this video in some downloadable format very soon.)))))

Human Highway was the film project of Neil Young under the name Bernard Shakey.
It has many actors from David Lynch films,
and it seems like an early inspiration for Twin Peaks, if you ask me.
It was produced in 1980 when Young was going through his electro/new wave-esque phase,
as you can probably tell by the antagonists of the film DEVO.
I don't want to ruin the 'plot' (or what there is for one)
and seeing as it is so undecipherable you will probably go wiki it as I did.
Easily the worst part of the film is Neil Young's acting,
the others are just cheesy enough to be good.
The diagetic soundtrack makes it worth watching alone,
but the DEVO and Neil tracks make it all the more worthwhile.
In the climax of the film... well I know there isn't too much to give away,
but there is one of the most amazing jam sessions at the end of this film.
This is a super rare, enjoyable flick I really want to get more people
to see it because it was so damned hard to get. I suggest using the "full screen" option!

Untitled from eVimeo.
there was a 'drag n drop' incident the other day and i lost my audio tab in safari
now is the time to share blogs