Friday, August 22, 2008

music inspired by LORD OF THE RINGS

The majesty presented on the cover of the vinyl represents the mystical proportions of which this record divulges into.
A friend of mine mentioned this while i was watching over his record store, of course I put it on, but i was astounded by the psychedelic sounds that arose from the stereo.
This is some serious psych-prog-keyboard-70's music.


basiks/futere town/new fix

Saturday, August 2, 2008



Dearest listeners/readers,

Sorry for my lacking and not posting recently.
It is not cool of me to complain about no one reading and then not post for a month and a half!
The summer has caught me by surprise, wrapping her warm arms around me relentlessly

here is something to help make up for my avoidance of the internet

I will try and post more ! I've acquired some nice stuff recently

expect more AFRICAN, and FOLKWAYS records! soon ! soon !