Friday, June 19, 2009

heavy vibes

okay here is just a little special something to hold you over.

Olympia's Own

WHAT~ i gotta lot things to do, can't just sit on the machine all day whacking at the keys like this thing is a typewriter


Alex said...

I am so stoked to get off of work and listen to this when I get home! I haven't heard these dudes and new listening material is refreshing.

PS Do you have a sampler, brah?
PPS I want to take a road trip to Cali soon and we should rip some waves or something!
PPPS Get your ass in motion and post more stuff! (Yeah that's coming from the guy who has a .00007% daily posting average).

razzattack said...

post something, i know you have free time.

quique said...

hi! we started a new blog: fungi girls, hollows, and awesome spanish bands there: