Friday, December 18, 2009

best coast doomsday


Independent Label C&W from the '50s - '70s

Jimmie Lee Morris Fill It Up [LHI]
Victor Lentz Victor’s Yodel [Rural Ryhthm]
Lee Richard Greenwood Tornado
Joe and Judy Half as Much [ Portland Records]
Les “Carrot Top” Anderson Johnny Sorrow [ Crosby Records]
Johnny Dakota The Night Wind [Rodeo]
Sawtooth Mountain Boys Sawtooth Mountain Breakdown
[Grassroots Music]
Buck Owens Down on the Corner of Love [Pep]
Frank Ole’Shay Blue Memories [ Blue Mountain ]
Lewis Tally & the Whackers Because You Can’t Be Mine [Tally]
Paul Wiley Pretty Polly [Voyager Recordings]
Maddox Bros. & Rose I’ve Stopped My Dreaming about
You [Forum]
Cordell Laird I Just Want to See You Again [Millerton]

Nick Stewart Weekend Star [Frontier Country]
Earl Jones & the Harley Worthington Pickers That Moon
Won’t Be Shining the Same [Budro]
J.J. Jones Columbia River Song [Rex]
Ned Miller From a Jack to a Queen [Fabor]
Bonnie Guitar Shanty Boat [Radio]
Henry Sharpe Tally Whacker [Tally]
Freddy Countryman Woman Please Stay away from Me [Western]
Fred Maddox Who’s Gonna Chop (My Baby’s
Kindlin’) [Flat-Git-It]
Buddy Cagle You Just Met Him Tonight [Canyon]
Henry Vanoy Johnson Boys [Voyager Recordings]
Merle Haggard & Bonnie Owens Slowly but Surely [Tally]
Crawdad The Crawdad Song [Vanco]
Ron Pedersen Puget Sound [DeAnNe]